sequence orthology evidence used in manual assertion

Term id:ECO:0000266
Term name:sequence orthology evidence used in manual assertion
Definition:A type of sequence orthology evidence that is used in a manual assertion. [ECO:MCC]
Is a:ECO:0000201 ! sequence orthology evidence; ECO:0000250 {is_inferred=true} ! sequence similarity evidence used in manual assertion
Synonym:inferred from sequence orthology EXACT [] {name=GOECO:ISO}; ISO EXACT [GOECO:ISO]; Ortholog evidence RELATED []; ortholog evidence RELATED []
Subset:valid_with_gene; valid_with_protein; valid_with_protein_complex
Xref:GOECO:ISO inferred from sequence orthology
Intersection of:ECO:0000201 ! sequence orthology evidence; used_in ECO:0000218 ! manual assertion
Used in:
Relationship:used_in ECO:0000218 {is_inferred=true} ! manual assertion
Disjoint from:
Valid with:
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Property value:seeAlso http:geneontology.orgpageiso-inferred-sequence-orthology xsd:string
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Creation date:2010-12-10T03:39:41Z
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